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In these highly competitive times, businesses are always striving to improve efficiency, increase productivity and thereby profits. However, IT infrastructure can be quite a challenge at times, and a weak clog in accomplishing the said goals. One way these enterprises can tackle this problem is by outsourcing. Yes, by subscribing to third party remote support businesses can reap the benefits of unclogged and efficient backend functioning.

Interestingly, the term RAS or Remote Access Service was first tagged with Microsoft’s NT operating system. Today, it is also referred to as remote tech support.

So, how does this service help businesses?

The answer is through remote desktop support. Our certified technicians exploit top of the line tools and technologies to gain access to your server, computer or laptop, ascertain the veracity of hardware and software components, and based on the resultant interpretation resolve the problem. At IT Helps we can connect to several systems at any given point in time. This multi session feature simply means a customer does not have to wait in a queue to resolve their IT related problem. It translates into 0% downtime, a vital parameter for businesses.

Incidentally our remote computer support boasts a staggering 96% resolution rate.

IT Helps also provides a range of remote technical support such as data storage, remote data backup, and ghost monitoring of network. Customers do not have to worry about unexpected computer outrages. By contracting the maintenance to specialists like us business entities can divert their resources towards high priority tasks such as sales and marketing.

Remote diagnosis of computers and servers is highly dependent on experience and innovative tools. We qualify on both counts. IT Helps delivers live remote IT support for cross-platform environment. Check with us for your information technology related query. We guarantee remote support service that boasts impeccable downtime, price point and transparency.

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