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Computer network is the backbone of modern business enterprises, especially medium and large sized entities. This web of computers and servers are interconnected in different ways, some of them evolving into a complex piece of a larger juggernaut. These are termed according to their range and complexity. IT Helps provides network support for several flavors such as PAN, LAN, WAN and SAN which incidentally are synonyms for personal area network, local area network, wide area network and storage area network.

Irrespective of the type of network IT Helps offers quick resolution through Certified Network Specialists and that too at an affordable price point. We provide complete transparency, immediate restitution and unbeatable uptime. This makes us the preferred choice of several enterprising businesses.

Our range of IT services include –

• Continuous monitoring of network via remote access.

• Setting up firewalls and making sure the data and hardware are completely insulated from malicious attacks.

• In case the system is already infected we provide sanitization in the quickest possible time.

• Providing efficient file and print sharing across single or multiple networks.

As mentioned above we routinely monitor hardware equipment such as routers, switches, LAN cards and a host of networking devices for an efficient computing experience.

At IT Helps our focus always remains on stopping crippling computing bottlenecks and Network Infrastructure Security breach. Unwanted intrusions can result in catastrophic loss of important data which can lead to irrevocable loss of business operations. If infrastructure devices are compromised, the security of the entire network is compromised resulting in instant breakdown.

Our certified network support specialists not only build robust networks but make sure they withstand the continuous onslaught of resource hungry internal demand and network hackers from across the network infrastructure.

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