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IT Helps is a multi service organization specializing in information technology arena. Our gamut of offerings means we are a one stop shop for implementation, innovation and troubleshooting tasks. Incidentally, we also offer CMS service, such as WordPress which is regarded as one of the most robust and innovative platform for website development, blogging and content development.

What does CMS mean for customers?

It provides a user friendly interface to develop great looking websites which are SEO friendly, 100% responsive, scalable and easy to manage / update. One of the alluring features of any CMS such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla is the ease of updating the content which includes images, content and even CSS code. Moreover, CMS can be used for internet as well as intranet applications which make it an apt candidate for large corporation as collaboration becomes a breezy affair.

Is that all? That is what most clients ask us. No, CMS or content management system offers much more than the above. Here is the bulleted list of some of its intriguing attributes..

1. Multiple logins with different permission levels which is a great way for jointly working on a particular task across different geo locations.

2. Can be used as an inventory control application, especially as an intranet application.

3. It provides intuitive reports and statistics.

4. Building ecommerce application or CMS portal is a child’s play.

5. Most of the CMS’s are suitably complemented with thousands of plug-in.

Actually, the list is endless. What makes it an even more attractive option vis-à-vis hand coding / manual method is the quick uptime. Moreover, one can build a simple CMS website or a complex multi-vendor, multi-product ecommerce portal with the same set of actionable attributes.

At IT Helps we highly recommend CMS for website development which includes both static and interactive versions.

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