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Each organization makes an honest effort to keep its customers fulfilled, particularly in a situation of elevated competition. Having solid customer service is not, at this point an extravagance offered to a customer but an ‘absolute necessity for the endurance of a business. It has been tracked down that over 75% of people hang upon hearing a voice message. Nearly every one of the guests leaves a message if a live chaperon is at the opposite stopping point.

Is it accurate to say that you are searching for call answering virtual assistants who could get approaches your sake? You can recruit our virtual assistant, who will work for you very much like your personal assistant at your office. Our virtual assistant call answering Services experts will answer your calls during your working hours guaranteeing that every one of the calls you get is taken care of with a lovely voice.

Get in touch with us to get a virtual assistant call answering Services provider who can answer your calls!

Our Virtual Assistant Experts Can Perform The Tasks Mentioned Below:

  • Answer your calls with a welcome message
  • Answer general queries
  • Fix appointments over the calls
  • Record essential messages on your behalf
  • Pass on all the information of the phone calls answered to you every day

Advantages of Hiring Our Virtual Assistant

  • Significant cost savings
  • You don’t have to invest in infrastructure, office space, and software
  • A professional, polite, and friendly voice
  • Proficient in speaking over the call
  • Utilization of polished language
  • Integrated technology to record all phone calls
  • Highly trained and skilled virtual assistant for call answering
  • Strict security protocol to secure information of phone calls
  • Ability to customize call script

Features of a call answering service

IVR Greeting

Utilizing IVR you can play a welcome message as soon as the phone is received. Notify them of the average call waiting time and other helpful information.

Call recording

Monitor and record all the phone calls of customers. This will enable you in enhancing training agents, customer experience, and more.


You can get access the live analytics and weekly call reports to make better business decisions.

Call distribution

Calls get distributed across executives contingent upon the pre-set distribution environments. The distribution can be random, sequentially, or as per a priority.

24*7 Answering Services Partner

ITHELPS provides a great service for all your business requirements related to call answering. We know, for businesses, managing calls with proper caution is crucial when provided with a crafted call center solution. This is because it’s their business that will bear the misfortune if they miss a call, no matter whether it is associated with sales, assistance, and service.

If you want to Hire Call Answering Assistantfor your business to answer calls, you can contact us.

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